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Why write a cookbook for pot? Ever since growing up as a “Flower Child” in the late 60′s, I was mystified by the idea that you could take weed that wasn’t “smokable” and  cook it and have the same OR BETTER high. Plus, you would be able to eat it more conveniently than smoking a joint and avoid all carcinogens. In this day and age of Medical Marijuana, it is imperative that a “green cook”  knows the correct techniques.

To draw the THC from the cannabis, we need a soluble to draw it out. There are 3 agents which draw out high-powered THC sample-picconcentrates: Fat (butter or margarine), Oil and Alcohol (see Green Dragon)… also dairy, low-fat milk and soy milk can bring out the THC, Thus the creation of “canna-milk”, which once strained will keep your “green” milk in the fridge for long periods of time.

The major difference is that if you smoke pot, the effect is almost instantaneous, although some grass creeps up on you within a 30 minute period.  When you ingest marijuana, you must wait 1-3 hours, depending on if you are full from eating a meal or have an empty stomach but you will feel it along the way.

Another reason to start cooking is to be discreet with your recreational activities like when you are at a concert, ball game, or in the general population. Cooking is also an excellent way to make use of what you would normally toss. No matter how bad the weed is or how “low-strength” it is, when you draw the THC out of the leaves, it can give a colossal high.

So, I wrote this not just to make money on the recipes but to be on hand for you when you decide to do some cooking. So instead of just a bunch of recipes, I will attempt to share the process of preparing, cooking and eating marijuana and to make you an expert as well.

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