HOW TO COOK WITH KIEF & HASH~Making Edible Extracts To Infuse Foods with Medical Marijuana!

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Learn how to make high quality, potent edibles using kief and/or hash! It’s olde medicine that’s super easy to make once you know (and understand) the basics… Let me show you :)

You must watch my tutorials via a laptop or pc in order to read the instructions as intended…YouTube Mobile doesn’t support the use of annotations as they’d be too small to read!

For every cup of butter or oil use 1 tsp kief or 1/2 tsp hash.
To make tincture use 1 tsp kief (or 1/2 tsp hash) along with 2 cups alcohol: 1/2 the alcohol cooks off and you’ll be left with 1 cup tincture.

1 Tablespoon (of either oil, alcohol or honey) = 1 VERY Strong Dose!

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