How To Make A Marijuana E-Cig / Vape Liquid Using Vegetable Glycerin

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Find a very helpful kit at It contains all the ingredients you will need to give you a head start creating your very own Herbal vape liquid. Many thanks from the entire team here at Lets Vape
There are many methods and walk-throughs out there to make herb infused glycerin, but all of them have their faults. However some facts kept appearing over and over again, I noted these down and built a method that covers all these points in an easy to follow guide. This is just my interpretation of the best way to do this process, but i’m sure that is just one opinion out of many. Please enjoy it and feel free to politely suggest changes or improvements
“We have a put together a complete package with all the hard to locate ingredients all in one box ready to be shipped out to you, making it ridiculously easy to make herbal e-liquids with no effort at all! You can find the kit on our site
This kit contains:
250ml of USP Food Grade Vegetable Glycerin
250ml of USP Food Grade Propylene Glycol
5 x 10ml Sterile Storage Bottles With Dropper & Child Proof Lid
2 x 10ml Sterile Syringes
5x 2ml Sterile Syringes.
It is a complete package ready for you to get up and vaping in no time at all, without all the hassle of locating the right ingredients. We have taken the time to source everything you need, to the highest of qualities and for the best prices! The price would be £ including free shipping to anywhere in the UK or £ including shipping to anywhere else in the world.
Save yourself, time, money and effort and get cooking up your own dried herb eLiquids!”

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