How to make cannabutter (AKA Weed butter)

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This is the most potent cannabutter recipe you’ll ever find. I’ve heard people say you need to use a slow cooker to make cannabutter that takes anywhere from 6-12 hours. The truth is slow-cookers don’t have the proper temperature to extract all the THC from you herb, so some of your bud will be going to waste.

As I’m sure that you’re aware, water starts to evaporate at any temperature above melting point. The speed at which water will evaporate is dependent on the temperature (the higher the temperature, the fast it will evaporate). Similarly, butter will also evaporate, but it is a slower process and requires a much higher temperature.

With that being said, the heat from a light simmer will be below the evaporation threshold for butter, so the butter & THC will stay in the pot while the only thing evaporating is the water. Furthermore, a light simmer is the ideal temperature to extract all the THC from 10-28 grams in an hour or less. If you are planning on using 2 ounces (56 grams), you should cook at a light simmer for an hour and a half.

Now for the the good stuff.

First, never use margarine; margarine has no fat. THC is fat-soluble so you’ll need to use actual butter so the THC can be absorbed into the fat.

Second, you’ll need to cook at a light simmer as explained above. Stir very regularly; every 2-4 minutes will result in ideal potency.

Next, use cheesecloth to strain out any bud leafs. If you don’t you’ll have small, but very noticeable, herb leafs in your butter (you can still bake with little herb leafs in it, but it doesn’t look appetizing).

Simply put, you’ll start with 454 grams of butter and when you’re done you’ll have around 400 grams of cannabutter or 400 ml (1 gram = 1 ml); some butter will be lost when you bring the water and butter to a boil before adding your herb-between 25 & 40 grams of butter will be lost-and a very little bit of cannabutter will not completely separate from the water. If you don’t cook at a simmer, and decide to keep the herb, water and butter at a higher temperature to speed up the process, your yield will be anywhere from 150-300 grams of actual cannabutter.

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