Mixing Super Soil with Jinxproof and Mr. Spliff

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An awesome day of hanging out and smoking out. Making some of the most bad ass soil mixtures ever and getting the most amazing present a grower could ask for, the Chernobyl. Thanks for watching guys
Super Soil Recipe
8-bags organic soil ( cubic ft per bag)
25-30 lbs worm castings
5 lbs steamed bone meal (fish meal)
5 lbs bat guano (bloom formula)
5 lbs blood meal
3/4 cups epsum salt
1 cup sweet lime (dolimite)
1/2 cup azomite (trace elements)
2 Tbls Humic Acid (powdered)
4 oz mycorrhizae (roots oregonism XL, Great white shark etc)
We also addeed coco and hydrotone for additional airation. Once soil is mixed transfer to garbage cans with lids or cover for 40-60 days while soil innoculates. After 40-60 days a mold layer will have developed. mix mold into dirt and it is ready for use.

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