Sacred Buddha Cannabis Medicine — Pt 1.

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The Manna King: Manna Doctor — Pt 1. “Honoring 5,000 year old Cannabis ‘Kansa’ internal herbal medicine recipes,” first written down (palm leaf — Ola scrolls) by King Ravana for the Sri Lanka and Nepal/Indian people. Sri Lanka and Dosthora (Doctor) do not promote smoking cannabis or illegal trafficking of cannabis. The cannabis plant is to be used for internal medicine, when mixed with other herbs, as prescribed in Buddha’s medical writings, and King Ravana’s written down older scrolls give to the Sinhalese culture.
In the plant kingdom, the Cannabis plant is the king over all other plants, with the 10 elemental male and female energies, which given with other herbs in portion will heal and balance all body sickness or mind disillusion illness’s. The West have forgotten their healing plants, recipes and their nature to aid themselves to rebalance their body health chemistry, to regain access to their angelic state. The Cannabis (Manna) plant is meant to be eaten by not smoked. Buddha or Christ would tell you this to eat prescribed by the masters because Manna gives man manners. Sri Lanka’s written down cannabis medicine recipes hold the secret key, which western minds are searching now to discover the real benefits of the cannabis plant Vs only smoking the herb.
To the Sacred We Are … Sacred we are 1.

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